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Sana`a Conference achieved goals : Lalba
[15/January/2004] By Khaled Al- Mahdi
Janfrance De Lalba - Assistant Secretary General of the Italian Ngo, No Peace Without Justice , a co- organizer of the Sana`a Inter- Governmental Regional Conference on Democracy ,Human Rights and the Role of the ICC said in an interview with Saba on Monday that the conference have achieved its target completely . following is the text of the interview :
SABA: How do you evaluate the works of this conference ?
Lalba: It has been a great a achievement and we are very proud to have been involved in it with the government of Yemen .
We have fulfilled our main tasks together . A lot of participants to mix together ,governments ,parliaments ,civil society ,media in a global forum in the same building . that’s been our first goal is reached . We have gathered as many countries as possible .
We have invited 31 regional governments and 100% success in these invitations ,we have achieved our idea to divide the conference in three thematic session , all the three sessions worked very proud of the first results of the conference.

SABA: What is ,in your opinion ,is the significance of holding this conference in Yemen?
Lalba: Of Course ,It was a very high significant to hold the conference in Yemen because Yemen ,in the Arabian Peninsula ,is the country in which there have been elections since 1993 and women can vote and be elected .
For several reasons ,we have chosen Yemen we have accepted very immediately the invitation of the government of Yemen because of the significance , especially in this year in which Sana`a is worked as the cultural capital of the arab world , and that is a lot of significance that from Sana`a we can spread the massage of tolerance and respect and achieving democratic values through dialogue among the countries involved and not having on input from outside ,but coming from the arab world and the neighboring countries themselves .

SABA: Do you more ratifications by the Arab countries for the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court after this conference?
Lalba: I expect very much and very interesting understanding have been done in the thematic session on the ICC .This issue has been discussed and of course there has been some commitment. I know that Yemen is committed to ratify .And the Arab world must not be fully involved in this process and the ICC must be composed also by Arab Judges .

SABA: Do think that the 9/11 events had helped push the region further towards democracy ?
Lalba: I am sure that the democratic way is the best possible answer to this threat of terrorism. In an open society , people that wont to show their way of thinking .
All the conflicts can are better solved in an open and democratic societies. Where people want to show their way of thinking .