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Print date: 16-01-2019
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Participants shed lights on human rights, democracy and justice

SANA\'A, Jan 11(Saba)- Chad\'s Justice Minister Bahima Kazoli said in his speech that the democracy and human rights and justice have strong relations.
He dammed to put a clear tie between protection of Human rights and the role of the international criminal court, expressing hope that the Sana\'a conference would be motive to hold other fruitful meetings.
For his part, Jordanian Justice Minister stressed on the importance of determining a mechanism to achieve realities on democracy an human rights.
He also urged to ratify on the International Criminal Court to bolster principle of justice.
Palestinian foreign minister Faroq Kadomai reviewed history of the violations against human rights, saying it is impossible to protect freedom, human rights, and democracy in the light of foreign domination. Kadomai pointed out that the United Nations managed to put agreements and conventions and contributed to independence of peoples.
He expected that the tension would be removed and the problems would be resolved such as Arab-Israeli conflict, saying that right of retuning back for Palestinian people is one of human rights. He said the Palestinians are practicing their right to defend themselves against of terror of the occupation state. Representative of Spanish foreign ministry Mary Jarsian pointed out to the importance of the conference, as there are a large number of representatives of European Union, United Nations, International Criminal Court, local organizations, and organizations of civil society that would enhance chance of promoting conditions of the peoples.
She welcomed the initiative to hold conference.\" We believe that the conference would enhance democracy and human rights need for further support to create new initiatives like this,\" she said.
Algerian Minister of Justice Al-Tayyab Bal\'eez stated that democracy and human rights are linked to each other. He pointed out \"democracy cannot be realized with human rights absent, and human rights cannot be protected with real democracy absent, or wit the absence of laws securing these rights\". He added that democracy an human rights became a factor of stability and comprehensive development, so the international community must encourage
efforts exerted by the UN for the sake of democracy. He stated that the ICC would form the mechanism efficient to demonstrate the solidarity and cooperation of the international community in combating the most serious crimes hindering development.
The Iranian Foreign Deputy Minister stated that the Conference\'s topics are relevant to each other and to the international noble and supreme values, and can\'t be separated. He said that quality being ignored by governments led to severe anarchy, at the time social, economical, cultural and even political limits can be ignored instead.
He stated that, by their constant efforts as to place balance between national and international principles during quarter a century, Iran tried to balance between their different cultural patterns and the contemporary life phenomena.
He concluded that the ICC is an evidence for the coherence between concepts relating to democracy and human rights and justice at the governmental and civil level. He appreciated efforts exerted in organizing the Conference, and hoped that activities of this Conference would be crowned by success.