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Print date: 23-01-2019
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National Museum…Stages of Yemeni History.
Report by Naseem Redha.
Total number of antiquities and masterpieces has raised to come up to some twenty thousand items in the national museum, while were 1292 pieces last year. Furthermore, there are 20 monumental items were rest orated and 655 wooden bars embodied sculptures written in Psalter’s letters.

The museum has been undergoing an entire restoration and renovation process aiming to get it in fit to be the national museum and to make it’s criteria up to modern standards.

The general secretary of the national museum, Mr. Abdulkreem Al-Ginddary, spelled out the reasons behind the increasing of the museum’s possessions, saying “ we’ve launched a wide campaign for gathering the Yemeni monuments, a committee was set up for this task associate to the Authority of Antiquities and Museums”.

The committee has collected the monuments from different sources, some antiquities obtained from individuals who demand dispensation for hading over the items they possessed and other possessors delivered the items to the museum as presents, some items regained from smugglers who were caught up at the Yemeni exits, while they’re getting away. In addition to that , the excavation activities that brought about new monumental discoveries added to the museum’s collections.

Mr. Al-Ginddary talked about the museum’s properties saying “ the museum contains a large variety of Yemeni antiquities attributed to different epochs of Yemeni history. The collections in the museum have been categorized into three types: Pre-historic antiquities, Pre-Islamic , referred to the ancient Yemeni civilization, and Islamic monuments, a lot items belonged to several stages of Yemen’s history after Islam.”

Thereupon, the museum includes three main sections each one consisted of a number of galleries where the monumental items are being exposed.
Al-Ginddary added that the museum includes also another section contains great deal of Yemeni cultural heritage that embodies customs , instruments and various items.