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Print date: 15-11-2018
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[29/September/2003] Born in Shasan village – Sanhan district- Sana’a governorate in 1917 and accessed to the “ Orphan School”1926. He took his secondary education in Hodeida governorate, then traveled to Iraq in 1936 ,on a military scholarship and graduated as 2nd lieutenant in. Joined the military college as lecturer in 1938.

Took part in the 48 revolution and jailed for 7 year due to his role when the movement had been sustained a set aback. Following the political coup that took place in 1955, he was released from the jail in Hajja and appointed as the commander of the crown prince Mohammed Al-Bader’s guards in 1956 and upgraded to the rank of colonel . Then he held the post of the director Of Hodeida seaport director.

Al-Sallal had been chosen to be the leader of the 26th of Sep. revolution in 1962 , then took over the presidency of the Revolution Leadership Council that consisted of 9 members and formed the first government on 27 Sep.1962. He appointed as the president of the Republic and upgraded to Marshal on 13 Dec.1962.

He once again become the head of the Presidential Council Which included 33 members on 17 Apr.1963 and after that a head of the Political Bureau on 6 Jan.1964.

In 1965 he took over the presidency of the Republican Council on the fifth of May , that council consisted of 3 members at that time, then they became 6 members on 4 Sep.1965 .

He kept his position as the president until he was toppled down in a coup took place on 5 Nov.1968 while was on official visit to Iraq.
Thereon , he decided to go to Cairo and stayed there till the president of the Republic Ali Abdullah Saleh called on him to return to the homeland on 25 Sept.1985 and on Saturday, the 5th of March 1994 he laid to his rest.