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Print date: 17-01-2019
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Report: Army kills Saudiís soldiers, mercenaries, attacks their sites

SANAA, Jan 3 (Saba) – Army launched military operatins, including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks to frustrate US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition mercenaries and soldiers’ infiltration attempts over the past 24 hours, military officials told Saba on Wednesday.

In Nehm frontline, the artillery forces fired a ballistic missile, Zilzal 2, upon gatherings of mercenaries and hit the targets accurately, leaving heavy casualties.

Also in Nehm district, numbers of mercenaries were wounded in an attack operation in south of Qarn area.
In province of Jawf, dozens of mercenaries were killed and wounded in an unique attack upon their sites in Abied area of Motn district.

In Central province of Taiz, ten enemy’s military vehicles were destroyed in north of Yakhtel.

In Asir border province, units of the army and popular forces found 13 bodies of Saudi soldiers killed in the military clashes in Majaza village.

Also in Asir, artillery shellings fired Saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Masna area of Raboah district, Sabahtal mountain, Raqabt-Hanjar, and Majaza area.

In Najran border province, Snipers unit shot dead four Saudi’s soldiers in Dokhan mountain, east Moaneq site, and Kars sites, and two mercenaries shot dead in Tabat-Khashbaa.

Meanwhile, the army and popular forces shelled Saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Raqabat-Nahoqah, Ras-Hebra, Maatan camp and Qiwa village.

Also in Najran, gatherings of mercenaries was shelled in front of Khadhra outlet.

Finally, in Lahj province, Military heroes and popular committees repulsed an attempt by Saudi-paid mercenaries to infiltrate towards Tawr Albahaa district, inflicted the enemy heavy casualties.

Sameera H.-zak