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Print date: 21-01-2019
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Report: 10 Yemeni civilians killed in 12 Saudi airstrikes in 24 hours

SANAA, Jan 3 (Saba) – Over ten Yemen civilians were killed when the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes launched twelve strikes on Sanaa, Hajjah , and Saada provinces over the past 24 hours, military officials told Saba on Wednesday.

In northern province of Saada, seven civilians were killed in airstrike which targeted a car in the main road of Munabeh district.

Also in Saada province, two civilians were killed when thw warplane launched a raid on the main road towards Aal-amaar area of Safraa district, another civilian were killed in an airstrike that hit Yasnam area in Baqem destrict.

In capital Sanaa, the aggression fighter jets carried out two strikes on a civilian's house in Atan area, another airstrike also were waged on Atan mountain.

In Hajjah provice, some 127 km northern Sanaa, the Saudi warplanes launched five strikes on Haradh and Medi district.

Sameera Al-Mahdi, Editing by Zak