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Print date: 19-01-2019
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Report: 3,387 killed, injured in Sanaa in Saudi 1000-day aggression

SANAA, Jan 2 (Saba) – 1000 days of US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition war on Yemen's Sanaa province have so far killed and wounded 3,387 civilians, according to recent statistics showed by Sanaa governor Haneen Qutaina.

The death toll has reached 764, including 82 children and 65 women. And the injured have reached 2,623, half of whom were children and women.

Also, a total of 1,067 residents' houses, private and public building have been destroyed by the airstrikes since the aggression coalition intervened in Yemen's internal affairs.

The initial losses in the province have cost 800 million US dollar.

The infrastructure destroyed by the Saudi coalition airstrikes included 11 bridges, 18 schools, roads, eight health facilities, markets, private establishments, 17 mosques, three tourist sites, four historical places and nine commercial plants.

Also, citizens' farms and their crops, water pumps, five government complexes, oil pipeline stations, two electric stations and 12 telecommunications towers, as well as seven poultry farms and five government establishments, telephone operators, six fuel stations and stores, according to the statistics.

Sameera H.-zak