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Print date: 11-12-2018
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Artillery force targets gatherings of Saudi army in Najran, Jizan

NAJRAN, Dec 30 (Saba) – The artillery force of the army and popular committees continued shelling the locations and gatherings of the Saudi army in Najran and Jizan border cities, a military official told Saba on Saturday.

The artillery shelling targeted troops of Saudi soldiers in al–Sodais Rakabah site and off al- Khadhra border crossing in Najran, the military official said.

It also targeted gatherings of Saudi soldiers in al-Qarn and al-Kars sites and in the west of Hamidha village, meanwhile a Saudi soldier was shot dead by the army snipers in Mostahdath site east of Jahfan in Jizan, the official also said.

Meanwhile, the US–backed Saudi aggression warplanes waged strikes on al- Shorfa location in Najran and MBC mountain in Jizan, the official added.