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Print date: 15-12-2018
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Report: 244 schools damaged during 1000 days of US-Saudi aggression in Yemen

SANAA, Dec 25 (Saba) – US-backed Saudi aggression coalition warplanes have damaged 244 schools in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, according to a recent report released by the Education Ministry.

The damaged 244 schools are out of 300 total number of schools in Sanaa, according to director of the Education Office in the capital Mohammed Abdullah al-Fadhli.

The director said that one of the damaged schools was completely destroyed, which consists of 15 classrooms, while the other 243 schools were partially destroyed.

According to the ministry's report, the costs of rebuilding, rehabilitating and maintaining those damaged schools are around 126 million US dollars.

The report also showed that the Saudi-led air strikes have damaged a total of 2621 schools across the country, in which the coasts of rebuilding those schools are more than 334 million US dollars.

Sameera H.-zak