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Print date: 24-01-2019
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Report: 46 US-Saudi aggression coalition airstrikes destroy homes, roads and food storage in one day

SANAA, Dec 24 (Saba) – A total of 46 US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition airstrikes in a single day destroyed dozens of houses, roads, bridges and food stores. The airstrikes took place last Friday, according to military and security officials conducted by Saba on Sunday.
In Red Sea port city of Hodeidah, the aggression fighter jets waged four air raids on different areas, particularly the airport, Abdualrahman Suhail's food storages and Bonyan Development Foundation in Hali district, causing a huge damages.
In Sanaa, the aggression warplanes targeted a house in densely populated areas of Al-Wahda area, Sanhan district, wounding a number of civilians and damaging dozens of houses.
In Saada province, a civilian was seriously injured in an air raid by the US-backed Saudi aggression coalition warplane that targeted the highway in Monabeh district, and another airstrike on Azqul area of Sehar district targeted a civilian’s water truck.
Furthermore, a citizen Bashir Salim Bashir was seriously injured when US-backed Saudi aggression coalition warplane launched nine air raids on Dhahyan area of Majaz district, and Saudi aggression warplanes also carried out two air strikes on Safraa district, six air raids on Ghur district, and one air raid on high Institute of Teachers in the center of province.
In Jawf province, the aggression fighter jets launched three air strikes on Kub AlShaghaf district, and another one raid hit Harib alQramish district .
In Marib province, the planes of the aggression conducted nine air raids on Serwah district.
In Shabwa province, A United States' drone waged two air raids on Aqapah area of Behan district.
In Amran province, the aggression warplanes carried out three raids on Harf Sufian district.
In addition, the aggression fighter jets launched three air strikes on Alraboah city of Aseer border province.

Sameera H./zak