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Print date: 24-01-2019
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President al-Sammad meets Parliament Members of Sa'ada, Al-Jawf and Raimah provinces
[23/December/2017] SANA'A, 23 Dec (Saba)-President Saleh al-Sammad, head of the Supreme Political Council, met today with a number of Parliament members in the the governorates of Sa'ada, Al-Jawf and Raimah.

The meeting discussed the current situation in light of the continuation of the Saudi-US aggression and the deliberate repeated strikes that targeted the children in Saada , Al Jawf and Raimah, which caused horrified crimes against citizens in homes, roads and markets.
The meeting also reviewed the heroic role of the House of Representatives members in Sa'ada, Al Jawf and Raimah provinces as well as the role of the sheikhs, social figures in overcoming the difficulties imposed by the Saudi-US aggression and siege.

President al-Sammad praised the people Al Jawf, Saada and Raimah and their role and steadfastness in the face of aggression.

He urged the representatives to redouble their efforts to address the needs of the citizens and alleviate their sufferings, which were caused by the continued aggression and siege.

He also stressed the importance of strengthening national and social unity and to avoid differences and to be attention to the real enemy which is targeting the whole Yemeni people without any exception.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdul Salam Hashoul, thanked the President for his great role in promoting unity and national alignment in the face of aggression.
"We are in contact with the heads of the parliamentary blocs of the provinces and they are part of the solution, and their role during the current stage is important and pivotal in touch the conditions of citizens and their needs." Hashoul said.

He pointed out that most members of the House of Representatives at home reject any compromises that aim to deny the sacrifices of the martyrs who gave their souls to defend the homeland and its security and stability and to confront bravely the Saudi-US aggression.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdul Salam Hashoul, Governor of Raimah Hassan Al-Amri and member of the Political Bureau of Ansarullah Hussein Al-Ezi.