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Print date: 17-12-2018
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President al-Sammad meets the Judicial Council and the Public Prosecutor Office
[18/December/2017] Sana'a, 18 Dec (Saba)- President Saleh al-Sammad, Head of the Higher Political Council chaired today an extending meeting with the Chairman of Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Ahmed Al-Mutawakil, the Attorney General Majid al-Durbabi, the head of the judicial Inspection Committee, Judge Yahya Abdullah al-Ansi and Interior Minister Major General Abdul Hakim Ahmed al-Maori.

The meeting, discussed aspects of coordination between judicial institutions.

President al-Sammad pointed out the duties of the security services to protect the rights and public and private interests, assessing the role played by security men in the field of defending the homeland and defend its gains, in addition to the role of the defense institution in the face of aggression and to counter its plans .

He stressed the importance of ensuring that these institutions remain at the level of the citizen's mind, which requires everyone to work to bring justice to all the oppressed, in addition to providing security and stability and continuing efforts in the face of aggression and repelling invaders and aggressors.

He also pointed out that the employees of these institutions represent the safety valve of the state and must be supported to prevent them from being subjected to any harassment or stumble on their judicial, security and defense duties within the framework of the laws and regulations related to their work.

"One of the means of support may be to develop legal, judicial and security awareness of the legal provisions that must be observed in the performance of their duties through the preparation of an awareness brochures on the rules to be observed in accordance with relevant penal laws and procedures and the maintenance of personal rights." al-Sammad said.

"No one is above the law and preparations should be made for an educational media campaign aimed at all points, institutions and security facilities without exception. This entails forming a committee for this campaign from the Ministry of Information, Moral Guidance, Security Information and relevant parties." He Added.

In his turn, the Attorney General talked about the matrix of texts of criminal procedures currently in force and efforts to develop them and update them to serve the judicial process. He stressed the need of the homeland to join efforts to create a secure future for the homeland and its sons under a law in which everyone respects rights and freedoms and the rule of law prevails.