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Print date: 18-12-2018
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President al-Sammad meets the Acting Chairman of Tax Authority

Sana'a, 18 Dec (Saba)- President Saleh al-Sammad, Head of the Supreme Political Council met today in Sana'a, the Acting Chairman of Tax Authority Tarek al-Mutahar.

They discussed the work performance at Tax Authority and its branches and the extent of commitment and adherence to the guidelines that ensure the improvement its revenues.

The president pointed out that the role played by the Tax Authority is more vital today than ever before, especially in light of the circumstances experienced by the country as a result of the continuation of aggression and siege against Yemen.

"Taxes is the only source that supplies the public treasury currently, and the state is heavily depends on taxes to meet its obligations towards its employees and other obligations as well". Al-Sammad said.

He stressed on the role of Tax Authority workers whose role is not lesser than the role of army and the popular committees heroes in defending the neutrality of the homeland both in its field and in the front where they work.

He also urged them to further their efforts to collect and improve the state revenues collated from tax sector by entire honesty and responsibility.