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Print date: 21-11-2018
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President meets Parliament’s Speaker
[17/December/2017] SANA’A, Dec. 17 (Saba) – President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad met on Sunday with Speaker of the Parliament Yahya al-Raei, in presence of Local Administration Minister and Governors of Sana’a and Dhamar province.

They discussed the current situations in light of the ongoing aggression and blockade and the schemes that aim to undermine unity, security and stability of the homeland.

President al-Sammad stressed that all should work on stabilizing the situations.

“ We are before a new stage that requires the continuation in supporting the fronts with popular force and by holding vigils against aggression and blockade,” the president said.

“If we turned to confront the aggression, we can end the battle,” he added, pointing out that the aggression has lost all its hopes and papers it was gambling on.

On the recent events in the capital Sana'a, the president confirmed that the responsibility of the state's leaders is to seek to assure all people that there is no problems and no conflict, saying it was just a problem and it passed.

The meeting touched upon aspects relating to the role of all political forces and components in confronting the challenges, which are being plotted against the homeland.