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Print date: 24-01-2019
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President Al-Sammad meets parliamentary bloc of Ibb Province
SANAA, Dec 16 (Saba) - President Saleh Al-Samad met Saturday with parliamentary bloc of Ibb province.

The meeting discussed the situation on the national scene in light of the current circumstances in Yemen and the serious conspiracy being waged by the Saudi-led aggression coalition aimed at undermining the unity of the nation and the internal front.

The meeting also reviewed the national role of the parliamentarians during the current stage and their efforts to promote social stability despite the effects of the aggression and its unjust siege imposed on Yemen, which adversely affected health, social, cultural and living conditions of the Yemeni people.

They have also reviewed the challenges imposed by the continuation of the aggression and the siege and the exceptional role required by the members of the House of Representatives to meet the current challenges and their contribution in addressing community issues in a way that contributes to maintaining security and stability.

President Al-Sammad praised the heroic role and struggle of Ibb province people, he said that Ibb people, have maintained on stability and security in their province and avoided their province violence and fighting at the time when the coalition of aggression was keen during the past period to stir strife between the people of one country.

"What Ibb is presenting today is human, society, parliamentary figures, scientists, rationalists and sheikhs of a model of co-existence should be followed by the rest of the regions and provinces." Al-Samad said.

He stressed the importance of strengthening national unity, cohesion of the social fabric, rejecting differences and moving towards the real enemy that targets all without exception and committing the terrible crimes against the Yemeni people for nearly three years.

He urged the continuation of steadfastness in the face of aggression and support for the internal fronts.

He also pointed out that the country is suffering from aggression and siege for the third year in a row and the efforts exerted to overcome this ordeal and towards peace building and the desired future of Yemen, in which everyone aspires to justice, equality, security and stability.

The meeting was attended by Governor of Ibb Province Abdul Wahed Salah.