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Print date: 14-12-2018
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President receives head of EU Delegation to Yemen
[08/August/2017] SANA'A, Aug. 08 (Saba) - President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad received on Tuesday the head of the European Union Delegation to Yemen Ms. Antonia Calvo Puerta .

Al-Sammad pointed out the promising results of the EU delegation's visit and the negative impact of temporarily suspending the work of embassies and diplomatic missions in Yemen since more than two years for political purposes.

The President confirmed the readiness for peace and work for it and the continued to deal seriously and responsibly with any initiative so as to achieve peace in Yemen.

He further stressed for real and effective international efforts to achieve peace without wasting time and exacerbate the situation that do not take a path of the UN envoy for Yemen which seeks "throwing dust on the eyes" or " withdrawal of the peace process".

He pointed to the importance of the European Union's contribution over its influential on countries in the Security Council.

The United Nations should play its role in a positive, constructive and free of pressure, he said.

the head of the European Union mission stressed that the EU countries believe in political solution and the absence of a military solution in Yemen.

She pointed out that the humanitarian situation in Yemen has reached a high degree of tragedy that prompted the EU countries to adopt a three-pronged program to reduce the deterioration of the humanitarian situation.

Ms. Calvo expressed the high appreciation of the Union countries for the constant response of the General People's Congress and the Ansar Allah movement to dialogue initiatives.

She pointed out the importance of reopening Sana'a International Airport. The continued closure of the airport harms the interests of the Yemeni people and the actions and programs of international organizations working in Yemen in the humanitarian side, she said.

The head of the European Union Mission stressed the seriousness of targeting the port of Hodeidah.

She explained the EU countries seek to increase support to Yemen in the humanitarian programs field.