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Print date: 20-10-2018
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  Civil Society
[11/August/2003] The referendum on the first Yemeni constitution for a single Yemeni state that took place in May 1990 was really the foundation stone of the democracy experience in the country.

The people participated actively in that democratic event so that the turn out of the voters reached to 89.3 % .

The Yemeni constitution stated that members of the legislative authority should be chosen through free elections based on pluralist and multi- parties.

The constitution also stated that all Yemeni citizens have the right of suffrage if they come to the eligibility age which is 18 years as well as they have the right to establish the political parties and to affiliate to them.

Supreme Election Committee undertakes the observation and monitoring on the elections according to the law . It is an independent authority set up to administer all procedures of the elections in compliance with the law.

The House of representatives nominate 15 persons for the membership of the Supreme Election Committee , then 7 out of them are appointed as members of the committee by republican decree.

The candidates for the committee membership should gain the agreement of two thirds of the parliament members.
The tenure of the committee members is confined to two terms each one 4 years.