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Print date: 10-12-2018
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Army shots dead two Saudi soldiers in Jizan
[07/April/2017] JIZAN, April 07 (Saba) - The Sniper Unit of the army and popular forces shot dead on Friday a Saudi solider in the north of Wadi al-Ma'ayen area in Jizan.

A military official told Saba that the sniper unit shod dead another Saudi solider in Aleb border crossing in Aser region.

Meanwhile, the army and popular forces pounded Qaem Zabeed, al-Kars, Malhama sites, and two sites in Khubah, and pounded also al-Shabakah and al-Muntazah.

The artillery force also targeted sites in al-Bait al-Abyadh in Jizan.

The artillery force hit Saudi gatherings in the east of al-Rabu'ah, al-Sahn site, Aleb border crossing.

The artillery force targeted al-Dhab'ah site in Najran, causing the Saudi enemy heavy losses at their ranks and ordnance.