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Print date: 17-10-2018
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Supreme Political Council condemns U.S. air aggression on Syria

SANAA, April 07 (Saba) - The Supreme Political Council on Friday condemned the American aggression that targeted Syria early the day.

In a press statement to Saba, the council confirmed that the American air aggression on Syria has proved the US alignment with al-Qaida, Daesh and Israel.

 The council said that the United States is the main player in the region that directs all wars against the countries.

"We in the Supreme Political Council confirm that the blatant American aggression on Syria is an extension of their aggression on Yemen and the region," the council said.

 "The US attack came as a reaction to the blows by the Syrian army and its allies against the criminal organization of Daesh, which proves clearly the US support to Israel and Saudi regime that both sides provide financial support to the terrorist group and its operations in the region and the world. "

"We absolutely confirm our respect to the sovereignty and independence of countries. We regard this action as an aggression against the independence and sovereignty of Syria and as a threat to the security and stability of the region," it said in the statement.

"Therefore, Syria and Yemen or any country has the right to defend its security, stability and sovereignty by all means guaranteed by the international laws and charters," the statement added.

The council considered the US military bases and its battleships in the region as a threat to the international peace and security.