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Print date: 24-10-2018
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PM discusses with Humanitarian Coordinator aspects of coordination with regard to humanitarian situation
[05/April/2017] SANA'A, April 05 (Saba) - Prime Minister Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor met on Wednesday in Sana'a with the humanitarian coordinator in Yemen Jimmie McGoldrick.

The meeting discussed aspects of cooperation and coordination between the National Salvation Government and the international and humanitarian organizations towards the dire humanitarian situation faced by the Yemeni people due to the continued aggression and siege against the Yemeni people for more than two years.

The meeting focused on the international conference on Yemen scheduled to be held in the Swiss city of Geneva and the need to coordinate efforts to highlight the humanitarian challenges and catastrophic effects caused by the aggression and its unjust siege during this conference, as well as the more painful effects that will result from any military action on Hodeida province or any attempt to close its ports by aggressors.

The Prime Minister hailed the growing humanitarian role of the United Nations towards the Yemeni people and its contribution to alleviating the repercussions of the aggression and siege on the Yemeni people.

He pointed out that the Yemeni people rely on the United Nations and its leadership as well as humanitarian organizations to convey clear messages to the world about the tragic humanitarian situation as a result of arrogance and the barbarism of aggression.

He pointed out the importance of concerted efforts to face the aggression, and to make clear to the world that this port is the only main and safer access to basic supplies and humanitarian aid to the majority of the people.

The UN official said that UNDP and other humanitarian organizations are aware of the great importance of the port of Hodeida in serving the majority of the Yemeni people.

He pointed out that the humanitarian aspect is the essence of what will be discussed by the Donors Conference on Yemen, stressing the commitment of all organizations working in the humanitarian field in conveying realistic images of the nature of the humanitarian situation suffered by Yemenis as a result of the current circumstances.