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Print date: 18-10-2018
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EU: Yemen crisis can be solved through political settlement

SANAA, Apr 5 (Saba) – The European Union renewed concerns over worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen, reaffirming that solution to the crisis can be solved through a political settlement.

The EU stance came in a statement issued following a meeting by the EU foreign ministers on Tuesday.

The statement said the fight caused large casualties among civilians and infrastructure, and the country now is unable to provide basic services.

The statement added that humanitarian situation is catastrophic, with 17 million Yemenis are suffering from food insecurity and lacking from foreign aid for their survival, while 7.3 million people are at serious risk.

The situation worsens among the children in particular where more than 2.2 million child are suffering from acute malnutrition, the statement read.

"Given the difficult humanitarian situation, access to all sea ports is essential and must be ensured unrestrictedly for humanitarian and commercial supplies."

The EU also strongly condemned the attacks against civilians, and reiterated its urgent call to ensure the protection of civilians and respect the international human rights laws.

The EU called for reopening Sanaa airport for commercial flights and allowing access for medicines and food, as well as allowing Yemenis who need medical treatment abroad to travel.

The EU welcomed the high-level planning conference on Yemen donors' countries to be held on April 25 in Geneva.

Najat N.ZAK