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Print date: 10-12-2018
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[28/July/2003] Al- Moayad and his companion Mohamed Zayed were arrested in the city of Frankfort due to the charge of affiliation to the Organization of Al-Qa’aida according to American accusation .

Al-Moayad who is ( 54) years old is one of the residents of the Binoon Zone in the city of Sana’a and he is running the “ Benevolence Charitable Center “.It is said that he was betrayed by a guy named Mohammad Al-Ansi who is attributed to Anse District in the governorate of Dhammar. Sources say that Al-Ansi had emigrated to America to earn his live hood and there he accessed to the American Intelligence after the September 11th events 2001.

Al-Moayad’s son Zakarea says that Al-Ansi dwelled with his family in the same zone where we are dwelling for about 3 years ago then he introduced to the Sheikh Al-Moayad via the Center. Zakarea went on saying that Al-Ansi had advised his father to have been to America for medical treatment because he has been suffering from diabetic and asthma for along time.

Al-Ansi had offered and promised the Sheikh to get the support for his charitable projects from benefactors in America but the Sheikh had rejected that offers several times because he was feeling fear of traveling to America after the September 11th , as Zakarea said.

Al-Ansi had planned to gain the trust of the Sheikh so he turned to a pious believer and kept constant on performing the prayers on time behind the Sheikh. He also had fasted the month of Ramadan and devoted himself to the worship with the sheikh.

After Al-Ansi had won the trust of the Sheikh , he offered him the travel for medical treatment and to meet the benefactor American merchant who is ready to support the projects of Al-Ihsan(the Benevolence) Center” but the Sheikh rejected to go to America so they agreed to be meeting in Germany.

Al-Ansi had booked a room in a hotel for Sheikh Al-Moayad and his companion and arranged them a meeting with the pretended American merchant .They met the American guy a day later of their arrival.
Some sources say that Al-Ansi who is the mediator between the American merchant and Sheikh Al-Moayad had administered the meeting and mistranslated their speech and intrigued them .

The same sources said that the American man is not a merchant but he is a detective serves in the American Intelligence , he offered Al-Moayad a chic with one million us dollar and stipulated that his donation must be distributed to Al-Qua’da Organization , Hamas Islamic Movement and Al-Ihsan( the Benevolence) Center. It is said that Al-Moayad had refused that and said he is not ready to convey the support to Al-Qua’da while he kept silent when talking about Hamas and he agreed on the support of the Center and Collective wedding parties.

Reports asserted that the American detective asked Al-Moayad about the collective weddings and the later explained the role of the center which he runs in this regard but the mediator “ Al-Ansi ” mistranslated what Al-Moayad said. He said that the center had prepared 2oo bridegrooms for marriage but Al-Ansi translated this to the American merchant saying that: we prepared 200 martyrs .

Commenting on the German Court decision which allows extraditing Al-Moayad and his companion to the American authorities, Zakarea Al-Moayad expressed his sadness and regret for the decision which he described as extremely oppression against his father who is as he said ( he hates terrorism and his views and stances are very well known and clear in his discourses and sermons .

Zakarea believes that Al-Ansi the secret detective of intelligence , as he described , had created great significance of his father for the Americans but the fact is that he is very simple man.” as he said “ and he went on saying: he is a simple man his first priority is how to get support for the center from benefactors and merchants.

Zakarea said that he did not have seen his father since the beginning of the year and the last call his family received from him was on the last Friday in which he recommended his sons to keep on performing prayers and to continue the charitable deeds which the center presents to the poor people particularly the bakery.

Zakarea mentioned that his father in his phone call with them said that “Germans are our friends so you shouldn’t cause them any harm and you shouldn’t let any one to sustain them any troublesome due to my case. He also ordered them to abide by the instructions of the president Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmer as they are the concerned with the case , even though he is extradited to America.