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Print date: 23-10-2018
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Al-Ihsan(The Benevolence) Charitable Center
[07/December/2003] The Center provides the fundamental services for poor people (drinks, food ,medicine) in addition to education and rehpilatation . more than 15000 person get a benefit from the center . the most important departments in the
center are:

1-The Charitable Bakery :
provides bread for >12000 person (>1200 family) dispread in the neighborhood using 45-50 large bag of flour daily costing >105000 YR .however , there is about 3 branches of this bakery .

2-The Charitable Clinic :
provides an emergency services especially in diagnosis , investigation and free-medicine distribution . More than 20 cases get benefits from this serves.

3-Dar Al-Nafs Al-Motmaena(safe spirit house):
specialized in treating psychiatric and neurological patients .>100 cases visit this house daily.

4-Al-Ihsan (benevolence) school:
More than 1200 female students are enrolled.

5-Computer Training Center :
Provides free- terms for the school students and those who want to study in.

6-Al-Ihsan Holy Quraan Learning School:
Around 300 students are learning the Holy Quraan in this school .

7-Free-interest charitable loan fund:
established by Al-Moayad and some businessmen to loan limited-income people by getting an insurances to get the loan(free –interest)back gradually.

8- Seasonal Services of the Center :
1)Break-Fasting meal in Ramadan month.
2)Providing the new clothes of Al-ied (festival day)..
3)Distributing Al-Adhea (lams) meat of Al-Eid.
4)Doing and supplying large weddings .
5)Distributing cold-covers protecting.