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Print date: 19-10-2018
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Al-Moayad C.V
[28/July/2003] -He was born in Bahran Bani-Bohlol village , Sana’a governorate.
-He was taught in Al-katateeb (old school) in his village.
-He accessed Al-Iatam school (orphans school) in Sana’a after revolution.
-He joined the High Institute of religious guidance.
-He joined the office of religious guidance in Sana’a.
-He was appointed as general director of the branches offices of religious guidance.
-He headed the delegations of Alhaj and Omrah (religious missions to Mecca in Saudi Arabia kingdom)
-Advisor of Endowment Ministry .
-Member of Al-Islah Party’s Consulting council.
-He shared in establishment many charitable Associations.
-Boss of Al-Aksa Supporting Society twice .
-He established the Holy Quraan organization.
-He established Al-Ihsan ( benevolence ) Charitable Center.