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Print date: 20-10-2018
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Yemen rejects attempt to link Yemeni resistance against aggression with U.S.-Saudi-Iran dispute

SANA'A, Feb. 02 (Saba) – The Republic of Yemen rejects any attempt to link between the national duties of the Yemeni army and popular forces in defending the country against Saudi-led aggression coalition and any U.S.-Saudi dispute with Iran, the Yemeni Foreign Ministry said in a press statement received by Saba on Thursday.
In comment on the White House Wednesday statement about Iran’s latest missile test and attempts to link it with the Yemeni army’s shelling against the enemy Saudi warship, the ministry said that “such statement and other remarks made by senior officials at the U.S. administration contained false facts in an apparent and botched attempt to link Yemen’s self-defense and protection of its coasts and land against the Saudi aggression war with the U.S.-Iranian dispute. "

“The attempts seek to find any justification for a number of international powers to intervene in the Red Sea and the Yemeni coasts and land,” said the ministry.
The ministry expressed confidence that the new U.S. administration knowns well that the Republic of Yemen calls for peace, stability and supports all efforts to fight terrorism and financiers in the region and world and that Yemen is keen on the security and safety of the waterways and the navigation lines in the southern Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The ministry said that “any attempt to impose a military intervention in the area will not work”, making clear that the safety, security and stability of waterways are linking to “immediate end to the Saudi-led aggression war and their all-out blockade against the Yemeni people.”
It said that Yemen welcomes all peace efforts to achieve a political settlement and regain peace to the whole region.