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Print date: 22-10-2018
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woman’s Education and Training
[22/July/2003] Woman’s education and training is still not up to the mark comparing to the man consequently woman’s qualification for the labor market and the quality of her service offer is weaker than of the man’s.

The latest outcomes of the labor force survey in 1999 showed up an improvement in the rates of illiteracy as it declined to 47.2 % from 55.9 % in 1994.

The rate of illiteracy among men reached approximately to 27.7% whereas it reached to 67.5 % among women .

In the rural regions illiteracy rate comes up to 55% of the population and the rate is higher among women since it reaches to 78.2 % against to 32.5 % among men.

There is amelioration in the averages of the girls accession to the basic education since it raised to around 64.4 % in 1999 comparing to 55% in 1994 but this rate is still lower than the boys’ s rate which reached approximately to 78.5 % while the girls’ s rate reached to 48.9 % of the gross population.

The rate of girls accession to education in the rural regions is very poor as it came to 38.1 % in 1999 against 27.3 % in 1994.

With respect to girls accession to the academic education at the university the rate reached to 20.6% in 1998-1999. Females students usually distributed to the domains of education , arts , economy and commerce and humanitarian sciences.