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Print date: 19-11-2018
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Taiz .. Al-Mukalla.. Aden
[08/July/2003] = Taiz :
Situated at the foot of the 3000m high mountain Djabal Saber; famous for its beautiful mosques from the 13th/14th century. Visit the ashrafiyah mosque, the souqs and the national Museum-and don’t forget to drive up the saber mountain.

= Al-Mukalla :
Capital of the governorate of Hadhramout, situated on the Indian Ocean; visit the old city and the souqs.
The old houses still have artistic work on the wooden doors and windows.

= Aden:
An urban settlement since ancient times.
The legends say that Cain and abel founded Aden, which now has about 300,000 inhabitants. Natural harbour and economic enter of Yemen in the future. Visit the impressive ancient cisterns “The Tanks”, the palace of the sultan, the Aideroos mosque, the house of Rimbaud, the Tawahi quarter, the gold Mohur coast and the market