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Print date: 20-11-2018
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Sana’a..Al-Raudha..Wadi Dhahar
[06/July/2003] - Sana’a:
Sana’a often called the “pearl of Arabia” is the world’s oldest city still alive with all its municipal functions. Founded by Shem, Noah’s son, its history is wrapped in a shround of the past.

Situated at the foot of Jabal Nuqum at the altitude of 2,200m, the Yemeni capital will fascinate you with its beautiful old city which was declared “Heritage of Mankind” by the UNESCO. Come and see the impressive architecture, the romantic narrow streets and the picturesque souq (market).

Literally the garden city of Sana’a. Points of interest: the architecture of the Imam Gasim Mosque from the 17th century, the rural clay houses made in the Sana’a style and the vineyards. Every Sunday: Market.

- Wadi Dhahar:
The green Wadi Dhar is famous for the Dar al-Hadschar palace (Rock House), which was erected on a rock standing in the valley.

The Yemenis like to come with their families to this vantage point overlooking the beautiful Wadi Dhar. On Friday you can watch the traditional dances of all male guests invited to a weeding.