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Print date: 15-10-2018
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[11/July/2003] - Hajjah
Hajja is guarded by two castles, Noman and Al-Kahira. The province itself is spread out over a number of little hills below al-Kahira.

The Al-Kahira citadel on top of the highest peak was constructed by the Turks; its houses a large underground prison.

- Shaharah
Shaharah is a large archaeological site in Yemen. The twon lies on the top of a high mountain (3000m above sea level).

The reason for coming to this town is to view the famous mountain bridge which connects two villages on two neighbouring mountains (Djabal al-Amir and Djabal al-Feesh).

This bridge is made of stones (3m wide,32m long) and was built over 300 years ago.