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Print date: 21-11-2018
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Shibam/Hadhramout .. Sa’yun ..Tarim
[06/July/2003] - Shibam/Hadhramout
In 1935 the German traveler hans Helfritz called this town of mud-built houses of eight or nine storeys the “Chicago of the desert”. Like a big ship of the desert it stands right in the middle of a dry river valley. Not only archaeologists believe Shibam to be one of the most beautiful towns in the world. Its foundation goes back to the 3rd century AC.

- Sa’yun
The capital of Wadi Hadhramout. Built in 1873, this mighty adobe palace with 109 rooms and four round corner towers gives evidence of the powerful Kathiri sultans. With its white painting applied in 1936, the palace makes a vivid impression on visitors.

- Tarim:
Tarim is the holy city of Hadhramout. The great number of dome tombs and the mihdar mosque give an idea of the significance of Tarim and its many important Islamic figures. This mosque and the highest minaret (50m) in southern Arabia stand our above Tarim’s splendid buildings.