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Print date: 15-12-2018
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Army's heroes keep advances against Saudi aggression on various front lines

SANAA, Sept. 19 (Saba) Heroes of the army and popular committees continued over the past 24 hours their advances against Saudi-paid mercenaries on various internal front lines and inside Saudi cities, a military official told Saba on Monday.

On the internal front, the army and popular committees fighters broke an attempt advance by the mercenaries towards Serwah district of Mareb province, killing and injuring dozens, as well as destroying and burning an armored vehicle during the repulse operation.

In southern Lahj province, the heroes fired Katyusha rockets against gatherings of mercenaries in Aleshash triangle, killing and injuring tens of them.

In Jawf, the heroes attacked an armored and a pick-up vehicles, destroying them and killing a leading mercenary officer. The heroes fired artillery on a gathering of mercenaries in Sabreen area, killing scores.

In Taiz, the troops fired missiles at a mercenary gathering in Dhubab, killing dozens and injuring others. The troops also failed an attempt of mercenaries to move forward towards western Mashraf of Wazi'eyah district, leaving a group of their died mercenaries behind them after they fled.

Inside Saudi city of Jizan, the artillery force shelled Shabka sites, Kaim Zabid and Karis in Khuba region, also firing rockets targeting Saudi Rajla military camp in the region.

Also inside Saudi city of Asir, the Rocket Battalion targeted gatherings of Saudi mercenary soldiers up to behind Alb crossing, killing dozens.