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Print date: 17-10-2018
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President discusses legal actions over expired-contract private mobile communication operators
SANAA, Sep. 07 (Saba) President of Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad has met acting Prime Minister Talal Aqlan and acting minister of Communications and Information Technology Muslih al-Azaia in the presidential palace here in the capital Sanaa.
In the meeting, the officials discussed a report put forwards by the communication ministry over legal situations of GSM-system private telecommunications companies which their contracts had expired a year ago.
The officials reviewed ideas for re- evaluating investment criteria in the telecommunications market in Yemen in line with the technical and economic global developments in this arena to ensure the legal rights of the state, consumers and the quality of services in complete and accurate means.
President al-Sammad stressed that the council will ratify resolutions reached by the official government institutions towards the legal situations of the private mobile communications operators in the country according to the law, including required legal procedures to renew contracts with them in a way that can serve the investment market in Yemen.