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Print date: 18-10-2018
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After declaring involvement in aggression, USA defeated in days

SANA'A, Feb. 16 (Saba) - The United States of America (USA) lost its battle in Yemen a few days after announcing its direct involvement with the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen, Head of Ansarallah Political Council (PC) has said.

The USA rushed to announce its direct intervention in Yemen, thinking the decisiveness hour comes and Yemenis are about to surrender, Saleh al-Sammad said in a statement Ansarallah's website has obtained a copy of. "However, things have gone on the contrary of what was planned by the Americans."

The Americans are trying, in every conflict they involve in the world, to show themselves as the invincible superpower in the universe, he said. "The USA creates unreal enemies and tigers made of paper and then crush them to show their strength particularly as it does with the USA-made al-Qaeda and ISIS."

Al-Sammad pointed out that the USA was unable to intervene in Yemen over the past years, because it realized that the Yemeni people has a Quranic enlightening civilizing project, which is hard to be conquered.
"Therefore, it egged on its client states in the region, topped by the Saudi regime and the other States which allied with, to face the Yemeni people and eradicate its project."

After ten months of the aggression, which is sponsored by USA and carried out by its clients in the region, the USA thought that the hour of decisiveness has come, so supervised directly on the preparation of a large escalation on all fronts by launching a major offensive on Taiz, Mareb, Jawf, Tehama and Sana'a boundaries, he said.

The USA would not like the victory credit to be given to its clients, so the US Secretary of State John Kerry hastened to declare his country's direct involvement and explained the reason for this war to eliminate the rebels as he claimed, said the senior official of Ansarallah.

"They believed that the battle will take only hours, so they can tell the world that America is the only state that can make miracles and change the balance of power."

The American plot came to nothing, al-Sammad said, adding the Yemenis considered the American's direct involvement in the aggression a strategic change and a serious challenge threatens their existence and dignity.

"So, the Yemeni men have rallied from all regions in order to take part in the fight after being despaired of the conscience of the world to be moved, especially after the suspicious absence of the UN envoy and the UN role, which disappears to give the aggression more time and opportunities to achieve any gains on ground and crush the Yemeni people."

He went on saying that Yemeni's tribes would take part in the fight to tell the aggression's countries that "those, whom you rely on of local mercenaries, are a bunch of coward and fugitive money worshipers and those of the Yemeni people, who are confronting the aggression, are the bravest, noblest and strongest.

Al-Sammad said the fighters who confront the aggression during the last months are groups of Yemen's men fight shoulder to shoulder with the armed and security forces, stressing "in the coming stage, Yemen's men, women and even stones will fight you and every inch in Yemen will become hell on you and your mercenaries."

"Victory is coming," he emphasized, urging the Yemeni people to fight with absolute confidence in Allah and strong faith in the justice of their cause and vileness of their enemy. "Allah bestowed you, and nobody else, the honor to face the evil states in the world, topped by the USA and Israel."

The President of Ansarallah PC assured the Yemeni people that options have not been exhausted yet, stressing "the serious and responsible move at this stage would be the bullet that will put an end to Al Saud regime and its allies.