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Print date: 19-11-2018
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Washington concerns over hash-tag US_kills_Yemeni_people: SRC president

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SANA'A, Feb. 16 (Saba) - After more than ten months of the Saudi-American aggression on Yemen, the Yemeni people has absolutely realized that the USA is the main enemy which leads this aggression on Yemen and that the rest of the members of this satanic coalition are only tools. So, was the hashtag #USA_kills_Yemeni_people a tangible evidence of the popular awareness that raises the US's concerns?

During his recent visit to Riyadh, US Secretary of State John Kerry explicitly announced his country's participation in the aggression against Yemen, where he said: "We support the coalition led by Saudi Arabia to confront the Houthi rebels in Yemen."

Yemeni response to Kerry's statement came in a form of a popular electronic campaign covered most Yemeni provinces with the hashtag "#USA_kills_Yemeni_people" launched by Mr. Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, the President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee (SRC), on Tuesday, January 25, 2016. It was a message not only to the USA but also to the whole world, that the Yemeni people are fully aware of who the real killer is and who the spearhead of this brutal aggression on their country is.

The campaign became more and more widespread in all social websites, and achieved great successes. The great response the campaign has got by Arab and foreign activists who joined in was an indicator to the remarkable echoes of the campaign, which has been placed the third in the top three global hashtags.

Yemeni awareness worries the USA

The USA has closely watched the campaign's progress. The more it succeeded, the more the USA's concern raised, until it became anxiety and even panic of the extent the Yemeni public's awareness has reached of the fact that the USA is behind the aggression, which the USA thought its cover was perfect by making the Saudi Arabia leads the aggression's coalition.

SRC President Mohammed Ali al-Houthi has revealed that messages reached via Omani brothers, which indicated to the great concern shown by the Americans of the Yemeni people's campaign. "In their messages to the Omanis, the Americans have asked to neutralize the Yemeni people, as they mentioned in a message. They also said that unless their participation in the coalition, the crimes against Yemen and its people would be much more than what is happening," said the SRC President.

Reading these messages and their explicit and implicit contents, it is quite clear that the people's campaign was an appropriate response to the degree that has raised the Americans' rage and made them implicitly threatening to raise the level of criminality in the airstrikes, in other words, committing more massacres against civilians, if the people's fingers continue to point at them, and accuse and distort the human face, America claims, in the eyes of other peoples.

The real reasons for US concern

Anyone observes the US approach over the past years and its financial aid to many civil society organizations and community awareness projects adopted by those organizations, he realizes that this support and generous funds were not for the people's benefit, but in order to ensure that such awareness would not reach a level that unveil its real satanic face and its basic objectives to control the nations and peoples.

People who fully aware of the reality of its enemies and its colonial goals is more dangerous than people who possesses sophisticated weapons; because when the weapons destroyed, peoples are conquered, but the will stemming from the full awareness is hard to be broken and subjected, Based on that premise, the USA has adopted a systematic method to target the community awareness in order to guarantee the public will remains subject to it.

For further clarification of the real causes that have made America worries of the campaign, some observers and political analysts say the full popular awareness in Yemen of the fact "the USA kills the Yemeni people" is a long-term strategic threat to the existence of the USA and its interests in the region. In the case that the aggression continues on Yemen, and Yemen becomes a failed state, then it will become an issue of personal vendetta between the Yemeni people and the USA; as it is the real criminal who shed their blood and destroyed their homes and their state. Consequently, America should confront 25 million Yemenis will be deployed and targeted its interests across the region, and later in whole world.