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Print date: 18-11-2018
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President Hadi delivers speech at 3rd Africa–Arab Summit
KUWAIT, Nov. 21 (Saba)- President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi has confirmed on the importance of enhancing aspects of cooperation between Arab and African countries in order to create a qualitative leap forward broad prospects and fruitful cooperation in various fields.

Addressing the 3rd Africa–Arab Summit in Kuwait, Hadi said that the priorities for economic development in the Arab and African countries according to Yemen’s vision is based on clear goals with five elements as follows:
- Investment in infrastructure, public facilities, human development and agricultural sector in order to achieve sustainable development.
-Linking Arab and African countries with board networks of roads, electricity, telecommunications and railways.
- Developing bilateral trade between the Arab and African countries which requires free movement of capital and financing business activities.
- Promoting Arab-African cooperation through the construction of joint institutions and research centers and holding various forums and conferences and through exchanging views and experiences of Arab and African countries.
- Joint action to eliminate piracy and terrorism through security coordination between all countries, including Arab and African countries

President Hadi also indicated in his speech to political field, stressing on the importance of coordinating between the Arab and African countries on regional and international issues of common interest, in particular in international organizations such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization.

In addition, the President pointed to the declaration of the regional conference on asylum and migration held in Sana’a on November 11-13. Hadi called on the 3rd Arab and African Summit to support the declaration of the Sana’a conference.