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Print date: 20-10-2018
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Russian businessmen in Yemen soon for investment opportunities

SANA'A, May 27 (Saba) - A Russian businessmen delegation is to visit Yemen soon to get acquainted with the investment opportunities in the country.

Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa and Russian ambassador to Yemen Sergei Koslov discussed here on Monday the underway arrangements for the Russian businessmen visit scheduled for the next June.

They stressed the importance of the joint coordination to achieve the desired goals in order to enhance the commercial and economic relations and encourage Russian companies to avail from the promising investment chances in Yemen.

Basindwa expressed the government's support to such visits and its adherence to provide all facilities and merits to encourage the foreign businessmen to invest in the country, appreciating the attitudes of the Russian President and government to support the unity, stability and security of Yemen.

The Russian ambassador reiterated his country's support for the security and unity of Yemen, and its commitment to provide the necessary aspects of assistance for the success of the ongoing transition.

Koslov said that the anti-corruption efforts and the national dialogue taking place in Yemen now are similar to what happened in Russia in the past years.