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Print date: 21-01-2019
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Ways to support activities of two oil firms in Hadramout discussed

SAYON, Oct.23 (Saba)- Under-Secretary of Hadramout for the valley and desert affairs Salim Saeed al-Minhali discussed on Tuesday with representatives of Snopk and Chinese PJP oil companies operating in Block 71 in Valley of Hadramout ways to support activities of the two companies.

Al-Minhali listened to a detailed explanation about the functioning of the three-dimensional seismic survey in the specified area, as well as the difficulties and obstacles faced by the two companies in the implementation of the works.

He stressed the importance of continuing the works of the two companies and the concerted efforts to overcome the difficulties and strengthen the relationship between the region population and the two companies in order to bring about a developmental renaissance through the support allocated by the two companies for the local development.

In this regard, al- Minhali directed to form a joint committee including representatives of a number of actors to discuss the issues with officials of the two companies and develop appropriate solutions to the various problems that hinder the work of the two companies.