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Print date: 22-10-2018
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High demand for Socotra Island in Milan Tourism Fair

MILAN,Feb.23(Saba)-The global demand for the Island of Socotra has increased in the International Milan Tourism Fair, which concluded its events last Monday with Yemeni distinct participation.

Socotra Archipelago was ranked first within the list of the most important tourist destinations in Yemen.

Representatives of national tourism companies participating in the Fair attributed the increasing demand for the Island of Socotra to the distinct environmental and natural features of the Island, as well as the available security climates in it.

They confirmed the presence of Yemen and its tourist product on the international tourism plan.

In terms of tourist demand on Yemeni areas, Socotra Island was followed by areas of Sana'a, Thela, Shibam Kukaban, Mankhah, Hodeidah, Kamarn Island, Taiz, Aden, Beir Ali, Mukala and Sayon.

The participants expected that the Island of Socotra would witness an increasing demand during the next summer by tourists from different countries of the world.