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Print date: 18-10-2018
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Yemen, Iran talk on tourism cooperation

SANA'A,Dec.21(Saba)-Minister of Tourism Nabil al-Faqih held talks on Tuesday with Iranian Vice President for Cultural Heritage and Tourism Hamid Baqaei, who is currently visiting Yemen.

The two sides touched upon the mechanism to implement and activate the memorandum of understanding between the two countries in the field of tourism and the investment development through the Joint Ministerial Committee.

The talks also dealt with aspects of cooperation in the preservation of historic sites and how to benefit from the tourism's components in Yemen particularly in the area of cultural and historical tourism, as well as means of enhancing human capacities and improving tourist services in Yemen.

Moreover, the two sides agreed to coordinate their efforts at the World Tourism Organization to serve tourism and to call on businessmen in both countries to take advantage of investment facilities between the two countries.