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Print date: 15-11-2018
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Cabinet approves draft executive regulations on tourism

SANA'A, Sep.14 (Saba)- The Council of Ministers approved on Tuesday the draft executive regulations of Law No.22 for 2009 on tourism.

The draft executive regulations consists of 139 articles, divided into ten chapters, including naming, definitions and tourism according to its available and attractive resources and purposes of tourist visits and their kinds.

It also includes tourist areas and sites and their classification and allocating them for the tourism development according to their characteristics as well as specifying rules and measures of tourist facilities, environmental tourism, tourism jobs and tourist activities.

On licensing fees, the value of these fees were kept as specified under the Council's decree No.283 for 2001on the values and duties of local bases with the addition of the values of fees for facilities and jobs of new activities.

The ninth chapter included monitoring process and tourist inspections, while the tenth chapter contained general provisions.