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Print date: 18-02-2019
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Eritrean pirates hijack 26 Yemeni fishermen

HODEIDAH, July 31 (Saba) - Eritrean pirates seized in the two last days 4 Yemeni fishing boats with about 26 fishermen onboard, while they were in the international water, reported on Saturday.

Yemeni Coastguard police in the Red Sea Sector reported that the
Eritrean pirates used a Yemeni boat they have held previously in the hijacking for the purpose of camouflage.

The Yemeni boats were driven at gunpoint to "Massawa" area of Eritrea, where all the boats' belongings were confiscated.

According to the source, the pirates have sent five Yemeni fishermen to Medi port of Hajjah governorate, while the rest of the fishermen still captured by the Eritrean pirates.