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Print date: 19-10-2018
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Indonesian cultural mission participates in Yemeni festivals
SANA’A, July 18 (Saba)- In regard to promote local culture in Sleman, the Indonesian regency of Sleman is sending cultural missions to Yemen to participate in the Sana’a Summer Festival and the Tarim Festival.

A Sleman arts team has arrived in Sana’a to participate in three festivals, including Festival Tarim as the Capital of Islamic Culture 2010, the 5th Sana’a Summer Festival and Baldah Festival in Mukalla of Hadramout, according to a press release of the Indonesian embassy in Sana’a.

The embassy said that the team performed on Saturday at the Palace of Al-Seiyun Katiri, and then it would travel on Monday to Mukalla. The Sleman arts team of Indonesia would return to Sana’a on Tuesday to participate in the Sana’a Summer Festival from 21st July until 22nd July at Al-Sabeein Park.

The regency of Sleman art mission is comprised of 12 artists, including dancers and musicians, that displays various arts namely: dance of Badui, Debus, Dance of Topeng Klana, Dance of Kubrosiswo and Dance of Umarmoyo Umarmadi.

On the stage art in Yemen, the performance would use narration in three languages namely Indonesian, English and Arabic so that the audience would easily understand the story.

Sleman itself is regency or Kabupaten (Indonesian) of Yogyakarta Special Region province, Indonesia, and its capital is the town of Sleman.

The area covers 574.82 km². It is located on the northwest border of Yogyakarta Special Region, between Yogyakarta region and Magelang region. Mount Merapi is located on the northeastern border of the regency.