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Print date: 15-12-2018
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Yemen participates in US international visitor program

SANA'A, July 11 (Saba) - Representatives of ten Arab countries, including Yemen, are to pay Sunday a visit to the U.S within the State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program.

Speaking to Saba, General Manager of Activities and Programs in Tourism Ministry Ahmed al-Beel said that the participants will visit US federal authorities and their roles in promoting and organizing tourism and its positive reflects on economy as well as analyzing travel polices and safety standards and studying promotion strategies for tourist attraction.

Al-Beel also said that the program would include social and cultural activities.

Representatives from Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordon, Lebanon, Oman, Tunisia, Morocco will also attend the program.

He added the program includes visits to the White House, tourist agencies, a number of hotels.