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Print date: 24-10-2018
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Aden Hotel to be repaired at 129 mln UAE Dirham

ABU-DHABI, June 22 (Saba)- Yemen and Abu-Dhabi government signed on Tuesday a contract to repair Aden Hotel with a total cost of AED 129 million.

The contract was signed by the general director of the Union Contractors Company, which will implement the project, and Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) represented by Mohammed al-Swaidi.

The project aims to repair Aden Hotel which was built in the eighteenth of the last century which includes 8 flours. The project comes within to the current arrangements to host the Gulf 20 in Aden by the end of 2010.

Abu-Dhabi government presented in 2009 a grant to Yemen at an amount of AED 2.24 billion to fund a number of development projects, out of which is Aden Hotel.

It is worth mentioning that ADFD began its support for development projects in Yemen in 1974.