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Print date: 24-03-2019
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Yemen to partake in Pentagonal summit on Arab joint work in Libya

CAIRO, June 21 (Saba)- Pentagonal summit of the member states in the Arab Committee to Activate Joint Arab Work is to be held next Monday in Tripoli capital of Libya.

The meeting will be held at senior leadership of member states of Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt and Qatar in addition to secretary general of the League of Arab.

Head of the AL secretary General Hisham Yusif told media that the meeting would be the first to prepare the document of improving the joint Arab work to be then presented to the extraordinary Arab summit t that would be held in Libya in coming October.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh will head the Yemeni delegation in the summit, Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi said.

“The summit will discuss issues related to the joint Arab work activation based on Yemen initiative to establish the Arab Union, and the ideas proposed by the Libyan president Moa’amar al-Qadhafi,” said al-Qirbi.

Al-Qirbi also added in the interview with 26th September newspaper, that the summit will discuss recommendation presented by the pentagonal committee Ministers Council meeting, which was held at the beginning of June in Cairo, to discuss the repercussions of the Israeli attack against freedom flotilla,”