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Print date: 20-01-2019
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Arab, foreign states to participate in Al-Baldah Festival

MUKALLA, June 05 (Saba)- Six Arab and foreign countries confirmed their participation in Al-Baldah Tourism Festival set to be held during the period July 15- 30, in Hadrmout province.

These countries include Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Indonesia, China and France.

Head of Experience House for Consulting and Studies, chairman of organizing company for the festival, Badr Ba-Salama said in remarks to Saba that tourism programs have been prepared to be carried out in Mukalla and some close areas.

The programs aim to enable the participants to get acquainted with all the tourist locations in Hadramout and to begin marketing the province of Hadramaut and download tourism programs at the website of the festival starting from June 10.

Ba-Salama said that the Technical Unit of the festival's executive office paid many visits to the events locations to prepare for the contribution of the Culture Ministry in some locations in Mukalla.