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Print date: 22-10-2018
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Medicine student set behind Sayo'un camp attack, says governor

HADRAMOUT, July 27 (Saba)- Hadramout governor Salim al-Khanbashi stated on Sunday that "security forces managed to determine identity of executor of the terror attack which targeted a camp of the Central Security in Sayo'un, noting that al-Qaeda is behind the attack."

He added, in a statement to Saba, that "the person who executed that attack is a junior student at the College of Medicine of Hadramout University for Sciences and Technology called Ahmed al-Mashjari and is nicknamed 'Abu Dujanah'."

The information which we have confirm existence of al-Qaeda behind this terror act that conforms with announcement of al-Qaeda for its responsibility for the attack, Salim said.

He praised preparedness of security personnel in dealing with the incident, affirming that they are able to monitor any suspected movements any terror elements may think to do.