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Print date: 16-11-2018
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Goal of constitutional amendments is to develop political system, says president
TAIZ, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh affirmed on Thursday that the aim of the constitutional amendment is to develop political system and democracy in Yemen, as well as underpinning power of the law.

Addressing representatives of the civil society organizations in a meeting held in Taiz, President Saleh said that the Yemeni people are who would say the decisive word over these amendments to accept or reject them.

He welcomed proposals to be presented by the opposition to improve situation of the country.

Talking about recent price hikes of wheat, Saleh restated that the reason of the current crisis of price hikes is as a result of the global inflation of prices of wheat, asking the government, along with merchants, to save no effort to control prices.

President pointed out that press freedom receives full protection, affirming commitment of the leadership to maintain security and stability, as well as fighting all forms of terrorism.

He also referred to the importance of dialogue to resolve issues, wondering about manipulating some parts for issues of retirees and lands in some regions in spite of resolving these matters.

Meanwhile, president Saleh paid a visit to various units of the 33rd Armored Brigade in the governorate of Taiz where he inspected process of training programs.

He highlighted progress and modernization achieved in the military and security forces in the country, wishing affiliates of the brigade further success to serve the nation.