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Print date: 21-10-2018
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Three Kuwaiti companies to have more investments in Yemen
SANA'A , (Saba)- Three Kuwaiti companies are preparing to establish tourist projects in Aden, al-Hodeidah and Ibb at a total cost of $ 5 billon, 26 said Saturday.

On the other hand, Al-Kendri Global Group will establish a project consisting of three tourist, trade and real estates projects with a cost as much as $ 500 million.

According to official statistics the number of Kuwaiti giant investments in Yemen reached seven projects from the beginning of 1990s up to 2005. Three of those projects are tourist and real estates .

Noteworthy, the Kuwaiti investments in Yemen since the beginning of 2007 have ranked fourth after Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Oman.