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Print date: 23-10-2018
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Al-Faqih deposes senior tourist official
[10/July/2007] SANA\'A, July 10 (Saba)- Tourism Minister Nabil al-Faqih has deposed the general manager of Tourism Office in Sana\'a Abdul-Bari al-Arashi
from his post due to neglect and misusing the ministry\'s bylaw.

In a statement to al-Syasiah daily, al-Faqih said that the deposing decision was a result of misusing the bylaw of tourism.

Refusing giving more details, al-Faqih pointed out that this decision was legal according the internal law of the ministry.

News reports said that al-Arashee had issued a permit for unlicensed tourist company to deliver the Spanish tourists to Marib where who
were claimed in a suicide bomb.

The news sources affirmed that the tourist company didn\'t complete the legal procedures for receiving the legal permission to organize
tourist tours across the country.

A suicidal car bombing has killed seven Spanish tourists and two Yemeni citizens and injured six Spanish tourists and six Yemeni
nationals last Monday, July 2.